27 Oct 2014

The dog and the swans

The title seems the name of an old English pub, but it's only a story about Festus and a family of swans. On our morning walk, we've decided to go left instead of right, to see the neighborhood.

On the other side of the road, there is a small path and some lovely swans on the stream.

We've waited for Festus to look at them. He was focused on them, like in the pictures. But he started to be calm, so we've waited. Well, after the calm it comes the "storm", so he wanted to chase them.

So hubby started walking with him around them until Festus ignored them.The swans weren't bothered at all.

With a little bit of training, attention while heeling, he completely ignored the birds. He got a lot of praise as we don't have any sort of treats when we go for walks.

On the left it's the new park the council is building. The deadline is spring 2015, can't wait.

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