27 Dec 2011


Festus had a lovely Christmas with lots of food: his normal food + bones (a present from our friend) + cookies made by mummy + a can of tuna in oil + yogurt. He received from "Santa" a set of 50 balloons and a play in park with a bicycle tire (we found one and "recycled" it). We didn't take pictures in the park, but maybe we'll take some the next time we go with the tire.
We took pictures with Festus and his cookies. The snowmen are made from carrots and the trees with parsnip.

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20 Dec 2011

Sunday in Sefton

On Sunday we went for a stroll in Sefton.

Festus was doing some bird watching, but it's possible he was just hungry :)

We past by a goose and I've thought he will stand still while I would photograph him next to her. But when "dad" went back with him... he realized we want to hunt the goose. So... lots of pulling and fortunately no goose was harmed in the processes.

We've met a male rottweiler. It's the first rottweiler he interacts with since we arrived in UK. I like that there was no problem. Nobody was thinking they will attack each other or something else.

and a squirrel...

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18 Dec 2011

Sniffing for Santa

Saturday we went on a quest to find Santa. But Festus was too busy sniffing food stands, waving his tail at children...so he found only an empty bottle, but he was satisfied with that :)

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16 Dec 2011

13 Dec 2011

His branch

Festus playing with his favorite branch, in Wavertree.

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10 Dec 2011

Walks in Wavertree

We do our usual morning walks in Wavertree park.

He found a branch more suited for his size.

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9 Dec 2011


After we arrived in Liverpool, Festus was a sweetheart like usual and he helped us unpack.

He received a kiss for his help :)

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