28 Dec 2013


Festus had a lot of Christmas pressies this year. A new lead, very good.

A cracker filled with treats. He loved it and he checked it under the tree from the moment I put it there, on 15th Dec.

Another Christmas gift, a very interesting ball that has some small balls inside it and makes a noise every time is rolled. Festus thinks this is an amazing toy... hubby and I think the sound is very annoying and loud. Anyway, we all enjoyed it for a few minutes.

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24 Dec 2013

4th Gotcha day

On 22nd, we've celebrated the 4th Gotcha day. Last year he had pizza and cupcakes, this year we made his paw print cast. It was something I wanted to do for a long time. 

We were reading the instructions. Festus hoped the casting clay is a new toy.

The paw print. It looks great, now we have to leave it for 5 days to cure.

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21 Dec 2013

Just us

Hubby took some pictures of us yesterday, while we were cuddling.

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23 Sep 2013

Birthday Boy

On Saturday, we've celebrated Festus's birthday with a proper party. We hanged up "Birthday boy" banners in front of the house and in the living room.

We've invited friends, human friends. For his 2nd birthday he had a doggy friend over. Outside, they were playing every time, but his puppy friend was intimidated by him and didn't want to play in the house. So, no more doggy friends over for birthdays.

We found a perfect gift... a 1,5m garden hose from B&Q. The toys from pet shops aren't big enough for my boy, so we have to improvise.

For us, we had tiramisu. Festus didn't try it, as it had Baileys and coffee.

He had his own cheesecake. It was similar to the one I've made last year, but this time the crust was with apples.

Festus was very eager to try the cake, even in the middle of the photoshoot.

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5 Sep 2013

Holiday accommodation

Having Festus changed my life in so many ways. One of them is choosing the right location when we are going on holiday or with business for a few days.

This month we went to Birmingham for a trade show and we had to find a perfect place, where we can leave Festus alone for most of the day. After considering all the pros and cons of hotels, B&B's, even camping sites, we've decided to rent a self catering cottage.

It's the first time we've tried something like this and I didn't have high expectations. After arriving here I saw it was better than in the pictures. The owners were very helpful, they allowed us to exercise Festus in a enclosed field near us. The welcoming pack included a bottle of wine, milk for coffee, coffee, tea. The house looks great and it was perfect for us.

Some pictures with the house, an annex to the main house.

This is the view from the bedroom. Every morning I woke up to see horses on the field and Festus asleep near my side

We played in the field every day, it was lovely to have such a big space and safe, at the same time.

I took a picture of hubby and Festus from the landing upstairs.

Next time we'll be in Birmingham, we'll going to stay here, if it's available. I loved everything and this type of accommodation is perfect for Festus.
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30 Aug 2013

Vet inflatable collar

Festus got a scratch on his tail. I have no idea when that happened. This is one of the corks of having a dog with a high resistance to pain, he acts normal even if he gets hurt.

It's not a big thing, but he was licking and scratching the place. So, in a few days with his new vet inflatable collar he will be fine.

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28 Jun 2013


My boy, having his 1st bath in our new home, a few days ago. He was waiting for hubby with the hair dryer. Next time I'll take more pictures and maybe I'll even make a movie.

As you can see...taking a bath is so exhausting...

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