14 Apr 2014

Fountains Abbey

We've been at Fountains Abbey with Festus. He played in the woods with his "dad" and then we took him for a walk to St Mary's Church. He decided it was better to walk with the stick.

Jumping on the tree was more difficult that he'd imagined in the beginning.

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13 Apr 2014

Brimham Rocks

Brimham Rocks are rock formations, balancing on top of each other. This was caused by the erosion from water and wind. At 8:15 in the morning, we were prepared to have some fun with Festus. As I had to be at the fair at 10, we couldn't stay too long.
Much to our surprise, we weren't the only ones there. A lady was walking her two dogs and young son, another lady was exercising her dog.

Cuddles... these are so frequent after he is tired and had a great time.

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12 Apr 2014

Holiday in Harrogate

This week we've been to Harrogate. We had a fair and Festus had another holiday. As hubby stayed with him during the day, it was a great time for him.

In the evening he would relax near the fireplace...

Or play in the garden.

It was funny to watch the livestock admiring Fetus's play.

During this week, we took him for a trip to different locations. I'll post the pictures we've taken on those trips later on.
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