27 Dec 2014

White Christmas

This year we had an amazing Christmas. Festus got a lot of presents (like everybody else) and it snowed! It's our 4th Christmas in the UK and the only one with snow so far.
Festus had a lot of treats and a few cans of Wainwrights food. He loved his gifts.

Tired after the presents were unwrapped.

Enjoying the snow, such a treat for us.

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25 Nov 2014

Christmas tree

Festus did his job as Santa's little helper.

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27 Oct 2014

The dog and the swans

The title seems the name of an old English pub, but it's only a story about Festus and a family of swans. On our morning walk, we've decided to go left instead of right, to see the neighborhood.

On the other side of the road, there is a small path and some lovely swans on the stream.

We've waited for Festus to look at them. He was focused on them, like in the pictures. But he started to be calm, so we've waited. Well, after the calm it comes the "storm", so he wanted to chase them.

So hubby started walking with him around them until Festus ignored them.The swans weren't bothered at all.

With a little bit of training, attention while heeling, he completely ignored the birds. He got a lot of praise as we don't have any sort of treats when we go for walks.

On the left it's the new park the council is building. The deadline is spring 2015, can't wait.

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22 Sep 2014

5th Birthday

Festus turned 5 yesterday, so we had to celebrate with cake, special lunch and a gift. More pictures with the cake at the end of the post, this is only a sneak peek.

Festus, waiting "patiently" for his new toy.

He loved it. A strong (not Festus strong, but fine for 1 day) rubber ring.

After the play, we went for a walk in the beautiful Port Sunlight. So many green spaces, it's a lovely place.

Isn't he cute in the phone booth?

He was very happy believing that I will stay with him in the boot. Silly dog :)

The special lunch was very simple: "rare" beef. 

And the cake, apple and Greek yogurt cake.

I made the sponge with wholemeal flour, 1 egg, apple juice (with no added sugar), some oil and pumpkin seeds. On top I've iced the cake with Greek yogurt and pieces of apple.

Festus looks like he is saying: Give me the cake, stop taking pictures!

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