29 Dec 2012


Festus loved the Christmas crackers... noisy things that have papers inside, like this crown that he wears so beautifully.

The Santa hat didn't fit his big head though...

Notice my new "keep calm & party" socks, a great asset for xmas :)

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23 Dec 2012

3rd gotcha day

Today we celebrate the 3rd gotcha day! 3 years ago we were on our way to get Festus, a 3 months pup with a lot of energy, very big (15 kg/33 pounds) and eager to pull the duvet off the bed, to chase the terrified cat and pee everywhere. Now he is a very important part of our family... our "small" furkid. To celebrated this day I made doggy-pizza.

It's the 1st time I make it, but he loved it. A crust from wholemeal flour, olive oil and water. A thin layer of soft cheese full fat, carrot and pepper slices. After it was baked, I've added a can of tuna in brine.

I made cupcakes instead of normal cakes.

For Festus I made the usual carrot cupcakes. The green dinosaur is on Festus's cupcake. With the tail up, it was perfect for him.

For us I made vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese icing. I'm the brown dinosaur and hubby is the yellow and blue one.

We had a great day with pizza, cupcakes, 2 long walks, all 3 of us, and lots of laughs.
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