31 Dec 2016

What I did this month #12

December was a busy month with St. Nicholas Day and Christmas.

27 Dec 2016

Christmas prezzies

Festus had his Christmas prezzies under the tree this year as he always has. Because he already has a lot of toys, "Santa" got him special food and treats, lots of treats.

He was eager to see his gifts, but we were taking so many pictures that he got bored.

Finally we started unwrapping the gifts. This one was from Sainsbury's and I don't mean only the shop, but an actual gift from them after they found out that the lady from the till said he is not able to read and it's pointless to get a card for him. He thought they did their best to apologize and he loved the food I got for him.
I will get more this week when we'll go to Sainsbury's because he enjoyed it a lot.

Standing still while someone else unwraps the gifts takes a lot of will-power.

I think this says it all.

Hard to pick the favourite, isn't it?

The last one was the toothbrush and he took it with him.

I hope you had a great Christmas too.

15 Dec 2016

Christmas card

This year Festus got a Christmas card from us. Actually he quite enjoyed it and knocked it down with the nose a few times while we were taking pictures.

Now we are waiting for Santa.

6 Dec 2016

St. Nicholas Day

Today is St. Nicholas Day and Festus received gifts, as usual. He was ecstatic to see the big bowl with fruits and carrots, all the desserts he loves.

He waited patiently for us to take pictures of him.

Given the choice, he picked a carrot. I was sure he will go for the pear, but I was wrong. Even if he has carrots often, he still wanted one more.

30 Nov 2016

What I did this month #11

This month, beside walking in the woods a few times, Festus was busy sleeping.

18 Nov 2016

Woods outside London

Festus loves to explore new places, like we do. This is why we travel so often.

Festus was excited and he could barely sit still for the picture.

We've enjoyed the walk, it was warm considering it's November. We walked in the same woods again the following day.

31 Oct 2016

What I did this month #10

In October we've been to London and that meant a lovely evening walk in Hyde Park. The swans weren't too keen on interacting with Festus.

We've also been in Scotland and it meant plenty of new things to see and another trip in the caravan. Festus loves the caravan.


Festus is a big fan of Halloween after we got a mummy-stick toy. The toy lasted for 10 minutes!

26 Oct 2016

Walking in the woods

Going to new places means we can explore new locations, like these wonderful woods. Although I'm not sure how different the woods from Scotland are comparing to those in England.

Near the woods.

24 Oct 2016


This month we've been camping. The new awning is a great addition, we can sit and relax outside while having privacy if we want it. Camping also means a lot of sleep and looking in the fridge after snacks.

30 Sep 2016

What I did this month #9

September was a great month for Festus. He celebrated his 7th birthday. We went on a long trip to London where he enjoyed staying in the caravan and walking in beautiful places that were close to the campsite. He had a fruit bowl with apples and carrots, perfect snacks on holiday.

29 Sep 2016

7th Birthday

To celebrate Festus's 7th birthday, we went for a bike ride in the park and on the promenade. Enjoy the pictures.