27 Dec 2016

Christmas prezzies

Festus had his Christmas prezzies under the tree this year as he always has. Because he already has a lot of toys, "Santa" got him special food and treats, lots of treats.

He was eager to see his gifts, but we were taking so many pictures that he got bored.

Finally we started unwrapping the gifts. This one was from Sainsbury's and I don't mean only the shop, but an actual gift from them after they found out that the lady from the till said he is not able to read and it's pointless to get a card for him. He thought they did their best to apologize and he loved the food I got for him.
I will get more this week when we'll go to Sainsbury's because he enjoyed it a lot.

Standing still while someone else unwraps the gifts takes a lot of will-power.

I think this says it all.

Hard to pick the favourite, isn't it?

The last one was the toothbrush and he took it with him.

I hope you had a great Christmas too.

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