31 Mar 2016

What I did this month #3

This month we've celebrated Easter and we've changed the sofa. Festus loves the new sofa, he has where to hide form the light when he wants to sleep.

28 Mar 2016

Easter gift

This is one of Festus's gift for Easter. He loved his new toy and it's really indistructable.

13 Mar 2016

Crufts 2016

This year I've attended Crufts and I have so many pictures, that I've decided to make an additional post on Festus's blog. I got a few things for him, that I will talk about in another post. There were, from looking in the show book, 206 entries for Rottweiler. I have to admit it's a larger number that I was expecting.

Lots of stands with everything you need for dogs. There were treats, food premium and super premium, toys, vet beds and other types of pads. There were accessories and supplements. It was everything, even pieces of art.

I loved the fact that we were able to walk around the dog stands. If the dogs wanted some privacy or they were tired, their space was closed with towels or crates. Everything was done to be comfortable for the dogs.

She was trying to sniff something underneath the bench. I though she was hilarious.

In the discover dogs section it was so crowded. Everybody wanted to pet dogs and ask questions. As you can see, the rottweilers were very popular.

She wanted to lick my face, obviously.

I saw the demonstration held by West Midlands Police. It was quite impressive and I was familiar with the training.

I had an amazing time at Crufts. It was the 125th anniversary and a really amazing dog show.