27 Mar 2012

Festus at Formby

Today we went with Festus at Formby. It was crowded even if it's Tuesday.

Obviously, Festus has his tail up 24/7... even if he swims.

He was thinking of making some new friends or, at least, play with their Frisbee.

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22 Mar 2012

ID tag

I had no idea the ID tags are mandatory, but, fortunately I found out last week. So hubby ordered one and now we become good citizens again.

I took pictures of Festus and his first tag. Hopefully he will not loose it, especially because I wrote everything I could think about: my name, my phone, hubby's phone, my email address, our address, postcode.

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19 Mar 2012

New backpack

We went at TK Maxx to buy a tray for me and we end up with an Options Travel backpack for Festus. It looks durable and comfortable.

Today we tried it on, with just 1 kg (2 bottles of water, one on each side). It will be a great asset for our morning walks when we are in a rush and we need to cut in half our walk. In 30 - 40 minutes he was tired and eager to get home, eat and sleep.

When I saw this picture I thought the size difference between Festus and me is getting smaller by the day :))

We were pretty close to home so I'm sure he was thinking of his breakfast.

Lovely way to walk. And some people still avoid us. I would understand to avoid us on a bad doggy day (or a bad mommy day), but when we walk like this... It's a shame, isn't it?

He is happy with the new backpack. We are as well.

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12 Mar 2012

Training and playing

I was taking some photos and he was thinking, probably: "Come on mummy, let's go to the park!"

This Sunday we went to Wavertree park for our usual morning walk. It was very crowded with children playing football, so we decided to take advantage of the situation and do a little training before playing.

I think it went well considering we didn't exercise this walk the last few months.

And a few pictures from Saturday.

2 Mar 2012

Bath time

Sometimes we have to do things we don't like...Festus had a bath yesterday. After that I helped him dry using his new towel...

and the hair dryer

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