19 Mar 2012

New backpack

We went at TK Maxx to buy a tray for me and we end up with an Options Travel backpack for Festus. It looks durable and comfortable.

Today we tried it on, with just 1 kg (2 bottles of water, one on each side). It will be a great asset for our morning walks when we are in a rush and we need to cut in half our walk. In 30 - 40 minutes he was tired and eager to get home, eat and sleep.

When I saw this picture I thought the size difference between Festus and me is getting smaller by the day :))

We were pretty close to home so I'm sure he was thinking of his breakfast.

Lovely way to walk. And some people still avoid us. I would understand to avoid us on a bad doggy day (or a bad mommy day), but when we walk like this... It's a shame, isn't it?

He is happy with the new backpack. We are as well.

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  1. Anca, cat te-a costat backpack-ul?

    1. Backpackul l-am gasit la reducere si a fost 8 lire, adica ~40 lei. Dar totul e mai ieftin aici :) Zgarda a fost o lira, e textila, imbracata intr-un cauciuc. E f f buna pentru ca se spala f usor, doar cu apa.
      I love UK! :D