30 May 2014


A walk and play in the woods, a perfect way to spend a morning. Festus, as usual, carried the largest trees he could find. I was considering getting a safe-stick for him, but they don't make them big enough for Festus.

Carrying huge branches up&down the hill is another favourite pass-times for Festus.

He had a few issues with his equilibrium on top of the tree. But it was funny he was trying and trying and trying... rottweiler style.

I'm not in the pictures as I had to dodge the branches/trees. I'm always the one that gets hurt during the play.
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7 May 2014

Hyde Park

On our day-trip to London, we've stopped in Hyde Park, so Festus can play.

The picture is a little blurry, but I still think is a great picture. Festus is so funny.

As usual, he has his fans, taking pictures.

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