13 May 2015

Relaxing in the garden

Relaxing in the garden on a sunny day...

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5 May 2015

Extendable lead

We've bought an extendable lead for walks in the countryside. As we never had an extendable lead for Festus, we've decided to try it in a park close to us. I thought is better to have it snapped at 10 minutes from home and not on top of Snowdon.

The "free" command means he is actually free do to what he wants. For Festus this is the cue he should stay on his butt and wait for us to find a ball or a branch. We laughed and hubby went with him to find a branch.

The lead is very good value for money and it's easy to use. I tried it on the way back home. I had extendable leads before for my previous dog, but didn't use one in over 10 years. It looks sturdy and I can't wait to go on walks with it.
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