23 Jul 2012


Sunday we went to New Brighton beach with friends. At Fort Perch Rock there was an event, so we weren't able to visit it.

We walked on Marine Promenade for a short while and after that we played with Festus in the water.

Festus plays very nice in the water. He jumps on the ball to sink it and goes in to retrieve it. It's a pleasure to stay on the sand and just watch him play.

Other dogs enter smoothly in the water, but Festus is not like other dogs. He jumps with a big splash and swims as fast as he can (with his tail up) to get the ball. I saw two persons recording him.

Festus watches carefully the guys that were in the water. They had no ball, so he was afraid they would go after his. It was so funny. He was trying to race them to the ball because he imagined people would go into the water to get his amazing toy.

As usual, he swims with his tail up. He thinks it's better to be proud, even if only the crabs see his tail up.

A short stroll after play, to dry Festus before getting in the car. It was very hot outside and his fur was dry in 15-20 minutes.

I was cleaning his nose, because it was full of sand. I like the look on the woman's face. I see it often when I'm holding Festus

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19 Jul 2012


We got a bed for Festus. The bed cover is waterproof and the middle is sponge, so very comfy if I judge after the way he snored.

"I'm tired"

As a good mother a tried the bed in the store, to be sure it's the right size.
It was pretty strange to sit on a dog bed, but I've got used to try things for Festus. If there isn't any size on them, I try his collars too. I just put the collar around my waist and if it gets around entirely it's the perfect size for him. Anyway, a doggy person will not think it's strange.
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14 Jul 2012

Stafford Castle

This week we've been on a small holiday. I could take Festus with us to Stafford Castle. It's a very nice place to take the dog and the car park is not covered.

We stopped in a field near the entrance (in the old village), so he could play a little. I put him on lead on the way to the castle.

He was very happy we stopped near a wall with a lovely shade. It's very funny that after playing he always tries to makes us stop to sleep.

Leaving the castle.

You can see the rest of the pictures from the holiday here. RAF Museum and Monkey Forest have special posts due to the large number of photos.
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1 Jul 2012

Hilbre Islands

Saturday mum and dad had their 5 year anniversary and they took me to Hilbre Islands. I love the walk and the play and I hope we will go there again.

I wanted to play with the strange yellow ball, but they didn't let me. They said it's not nice to play with the buoy.

I want to jump!!

So, I didn't carry the backpack for nothing.

The Marine Lake

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