30 Mar 2014

Day trip

This weekend we've been on a very long day trip. Festus played two times during the day, the first time at Anglesey... very early in the morning.

When we've stopped at South Stack Cliffs, at 6am, after 2 hours of driving, he was extremely happy to play. It is an on-lead area, but as we were the only ones there and there were no nesting birds on site, we've decided to let him play off lead.

As the cliffs were to slippery, we had to leave him in the car. After his play and breakfast, he was happy to sleep while we were out. I've posted more pictures of the cliffs on my blog, here.

The second stop was in Bangor, at the Botanical Gardens. This is another on-lead area and we've kept the lead on as it was the middle of the day and more crowded. Also, there are red squirrels, so it's only natural to keep the dogs on lead.

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25 Mar 2014

Festus and the chew toy

Festus is so funny with his chew toy, looks like he is enjoying some bubble gum.