28 Jun 2014

Walking in rain

I love the rain and walking in the rain! Festus will not necessary agree with me, but our morning walks are much more enjoyable when it rains: no cats, no squirrels, no fair-weather walkers, no kids with balls.

After 1 hour of walking in the rain, Festus looked like he had a bath. He loves every opportunity to have his hair blow-dry as he knows he gets some treats after that.

That was yesterday, today the sun is shining :D

26 Jun 2014

Naughty boy

Hubby and I ran out of protein powder at the same time, even if we use different types. I have unflavoured and hubby tries new flavours every time. I've received my protein, but Festus wasn't interested in that. But when hubby received this "caramel cheesecake" protein powder... Festus decided it sounds to good not to try it... 

He didn't get to the protein, all was saved, and it's the 2nd thing he is ruining in the last year, so we can't be upset with him.
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