26 Dec 2015


We had a lovely time this Christmas. Festus was a good boy and Santa had lots of presents for him.

For a treat he waited to have his picture taken with the crown on his head.

He was patient while I opened one of his gifts. It was wrapped up because leaving it as it was under the tree and going out wasn't a good idea.

He took the toy gently...

he saw he has another gift...

and waited for me to open the box of treats...

and had one or two...

and finally he could play with the toy.

This is why the toy was wrapped. In an hour the toy was everywhere.

As for the Christmas dinner, venison with blueberry.

6 Dec 2015

Saint Nicholas Day

Today is Saint Nicholas Day. As Festus was a good boy he received a few gifts.

He got doggy mince pies and a couple of snowman cookies and a reindeer.
He also received a can of Salmon and raspberry food. Hubby and I joked about it, as this must be a “Masterchef dish for dogs”. He is watching Masterchef with us, for a few minutes.

He loved his salmon dish, he went around the living room wagging his tail after finishing to eat.