31 Oct 2016

What I did this month #10

In October we've been to London and that meant a lovely evening walk in Hyde Park. The swans weren't too keen on interacting with Festus.

We've also been in Scotland and it meant plenty of new things to see and another trip in the caravan. Festus loves the caravan.


Festus is a big fan of Halloween after we got a mummy-stick toy. The toy lasted for 10 minutes!

26 Oct 2016

Walking in the woods

Going to new places means we can explore new locations, like these wonderful woods. Although I'm not sure how different the woods from Scotland are comparing to those in England.

Near the woods.

24 Oct 2016


This month we've been camping. The new awning is a great addition, we can sit and relax outside while having privacy if we want it. Camping also means a lot of sleep and looking in the fridge after snacks.