31 Aug 2016

What I did this month #8

Last month Festus tried a Pawsome box, filled with treats and toys. He went camping too.

18 Aug 2016

Morning walk on holiday

Going on holiday doesn't mean we are ignoring our routine of 2 walks every day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon/evening. We were camping with the caravan in a small village and, luckily, the campsite was quite close to this lovely location, endless fields with amazing views.

On our way to the fields, passing by a telephone box and gorgeous houses.

Festus was enjoying the morning sun. It was around 7 am.

One of the horses wasn't too keen on Festus being there, he stopped and looked at him.

I assume he was looking after one of the many hares that were jumping in the fields.

I did mention that the views were amazing.

On the way back, the horse was still assessing Festus. Festus was looking interested at the horse too. Beside Danny, the horse he shared carrots with last year, he didn't interact with horses as we didn't had the opportunity.

Back to the camping site, we took a picture of Festus with the tyres. He loves playing with tyres, he has had in the past a bicycle tyre and a car tyre. That was our morning walk, a perfect way to start the day.

11 Aug 2016

Playing by the lake

This is the second post about the holiday we had at the end of the last month. Two more posts will follow: Morning walk on holiday and Festus at Shap Abbey.
These pictures are taken on Ullswater lake shores. The lake is in Cumbria, Lake District and it's close to the Aira Force waterfall. There are a few parking spaces scattered around the lake where people can park and reach the lake. In weekends is obviously crowded, but even so, we managed to find a couple of spaces to explore.

I went to take pictures and Festus didn't see me leaving because he was playing. My husband told him to find me and he did, quite fast.
He was eager to jump on the branch. It wasn't something he was able to do safely, so he wasn't allowed to jump.
Luckily for him, we found another branch that was suitable for him.

Festus was looking happy even though I can't imagine it was very comfy on the branch.

Climbing and playing makes one feel thirsty and having a lake nearby is very handy.

Tired and ready to go back to have dinner and a good sleep.

2 Aug 2016

Aira Force

Last month we've been to Aira Force, a waterfall managed by the National Trust. The waterfall is in Cumbria. We parked in the smaller car park and let Festus have a run around a field. He was on the long lead all the time as there was livestock nearby. 

He played with a couple of balloons, under the wondering eyes of the cows.

We headed to the waterfall. It was bigger than I was expected it to be. Festus was tired, but he still wanted to play and jump around.

He was thinking of jumping in the water. He wasn't sure it's a good idea, but finally... he took the plunge. It was funny, although we were thinking he can have a drink and not a dip.

He was so tired, he decided to lay down while my husband was busy taking a couple of pictures.

We went to the waterfall again next day, but this time we've parked in the lower car park, the one with the tearooms and visitor center. It was very busy, especially as it was a Saturday evening. We walked around and my husband and Festus jumped in the playground.