23 Dec 2012

3rd gotcha day

Today we celebrate the 3rd gotcha day! 3 years ago we were on our way to get Festus, a 3 months pup with a lot of energy, very big (15 kg/33 pounds) and eager to pull the duvet off the bed, to chase the terrified cat and pee everywhere. Now he is a very important part of our family... our "small" furkid. To celebrated this day I made doggy-pizza.

It's the 1st time I make it, but he loved it. A crust from wholemeal flour, olive oil and water. A thin layer of soft cheese full fat, carrot and pepper slices. After it was baked, I've added a can of tuna in brine.

I made cupcakes instead of normal cakes.

For Festus I made the usual carrot cupcakes. The green dinosaur is on Festus's cupcake. With the tail up, it was perfect for him.

For us I made vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese icing. I'm the brown dinosaur and hubby is the yellow and blue one.

We had a great day with pizza, cupcakes, 2 long walks, all 3 of us, and lots of laughs.
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