17 Nov 2012


On 14th it was my birthday, so we made a road-trip to Wales. Festus waited in the car while we were visiting the castle.

After the castle we took a different route to Chester and we stopped near Llyn Ogwen lake. We saw a path and we thought it's ok to go up... it wasn't :)

This is the higher point that we reached.

With a nice view of the lake.

But the path was from wet stones that we could not see from the beginning. Festus was running up and down the rocks and I thought he will brake his legs...after he started running towards me I thought he will brake mine.

Anyway, we went back to the car with no incidents.

We stopped in a wood to let Festus play.

Hubby inflated a balloon so Festus could pay attention only to him as we went back in the car park.

The car park was in a remote aria, away from the traffic, so we didn't put the lead.

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