22 Sep 2014

5th Birthday

Festus turned 5 yesterday, so we had to celebrate with cake, special lunch and a gift. More pictures with the cake at the end of the post, this is only a sneak peek.

Festus, waiting "patiently" for his new toy.

He loved it. A strong (not Festus strong, but fine for 1 day) rubber ring.

After the play, we went for a walk in the beautiful Port Sunlight. So many green spaces, it's a lovely place.

Isn't he cute in the phone booth?

He was very happy believing that I will stay with him in the boot. Silly dog :)

The special lunch was very simple: "rare" beef. 

And the cake, apple and Greek yogurt cake.

I made the sponge with wholemeal flour, 1 egg, apple juice (with no added sugar), some oil and pumpkin seeds. On top I've iced the cake with Greek yogurt and pieces of apple.

Festus looks like he is saying: Give me the cake, stop taking pictures!

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  1. Asa caine destept si frumos merita clonat si dat in posesia cuiva la fel de bun stapan si indrumator (dresor).