23 Sep 2013

Birthday Boy

On Saturday, we've celebrated Festus's birthday with a proper party. We hanged up "Birthday boy" banners in front of the house and in the living room.

We've invited friends, human friends. For his 2nd birthday he had a doggy friend over. Outside, they were playing every time, but his puppy friend was intimidated by him and didn't want to play in the house. So, no more doggy friends over for birthdays.

We found a perfect gift... a 1,5m garden hose from B&Q. The toys from pet shops aren't big enough for my boy, so we have to improvise.

For us, we had tiramisu. Festus didn't try it, as it had Baileys and coffee.

He had his own cheesecake. It was similar to the one I've made last year, but this time the crust was with apples.

Festus was very eager to try the cake, even in the middle of the photoshoot.

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