1 Jun 2015


We went to Stonehenge with Festus after a stop at Windsor. As it was warm and in the car park there wasn't any shade, we took him with us. Luckily we were allowed to go with him near the entrance to the circle. From that point to the circle is only a couple of minutes walk. We gave him a bottle to have a "toy" if something more interesting was on the path to the stones, like a bunny. Well, there weren't any bunnies in sight, but it was a herd of cows.

We weren't allowed with him at the circle. Hubby spotted a field nearby while he was waiting for me. So I've waited for him there, I ran and jumped with Festus. It was so fun.

We were able to take some pictures quite close to the stones. At the circle it was very crowded and this is why dogs aren't allowed there. It was near closing time, on a week day and it was packed. I can't imagine how is on a weekend during the summer.

A little correction as he was starting to focus on her.

The cow was interested in Festus. She had a piece of plastic she was playing with and waited for us to get closer. She wasn't scared by him at all.

Loved the trip to Stonehenge. It was so exciting and we were able to bring him with us, only positives.
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