14 Sep 2015

Festus and the horse

Last week we stayed at a cottage in Midlands and Festus took advantage to make a new friend called Danny.

Festus was waiting for us to leave him out to greet the horse.

Danny was coming to the fence as soon as we were stepping out in our garden. He wanted some treats, but he was happy to stay there and "have a chat". We've started by keeping Festus on a lead and it was a very good idea, as he startled the horse with a bow play accompanied by a loud and excited bark. The horse ran to the middle of the field throwing his hoofs. He came back and in a matter of minutes, they were BFF again.

They were sharing treats.

Although Festus wasn't that happy the horse gets more carrots than him. So, he was eating pieces of carrots the horse dropped off.

As having a lot of carrots is not good for him, we told him to wait in the house.

They interacted for one week and it was lovely. Beside the first misunderstanding with the bow play,  they had a great time together.

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