23 Jan 2012

New friend

This weekend we went to play in Phythian park and there Festus made a new friend, a lovely girl with a good nature and well behaved. She is a sweetie.

They played for a little while, but his new friend, after the regular bow-play, wanted to chase each other. Festus doesn't like to run, so he "told" her to stop this nonsense. He really doesn't get the point of running after another dog. Sure, the situation it's different when a balloon or a ball are involved... but this was not the case.

Before getting bored, he came up with the idea to start smelling around searching for something interesting. She followed him immediately.

And he had a point. They found a very yummy bagel. He was a real gentleman and let her have the "prey".

We wanted to go... so they started playing again, this time the way Festus likes to play, no running, just staying in the same place and jumping on each other, making some bow-plays.

I hope we will meet her again.

disclaimer: I'm sorry some of the photos are blurred, I was the one in charge of the photos. Next time I'll let hubby.
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