8 May 2012

Morning walk

Today we made our morning walk in the city center. I hoped it would be more crowded, but it was too early. We passed by an artwork structure and took some pictures. After that we went to Bold Street, passed by St. Luke's church and went home.

St. Luke's church or "the bombed-out church" is a symbol of the destruction of the war. The foundation of the church was laid in 1811 and it was built of free stone with a Gothic architecture. The church was bombed in 1941, during the Second World War and was gutted by fire.

It's hard to make a proper sit on the stairs...

After breakfast.

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  1. Asa plimbare de dimineata, vreau si euuuuu :)
    Foarte reusite pozele, mai vreau, de abia astept sa mai pui cate ceva sa mai vad :)

  2. Astept cu drag :)